Passover Songs CD with Passover Haggadah for Children

Passover Songs CD with Passover Haggadah for Children


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This set includes one book and one CD.

Language: Hebrew.

This great gift for a child will make this coming Passover more fun, meaningful, and informative!  The children's haggadah includes coloring pages, songs, activities, and quizzes to keep your child's attention throughout the seder, and leading up to it.

The CD includes 19 of Israel's best Passover songs performed by some of Israel's top artists, including Yehoram Gaon, Hanan Yovel, Haparvarim, and others.  These include both classic Hebrew songs based on the Haggadah text, as well as modern Israeli children's songs.

1.   Pana Hageshem

2.   Ki Hinei Hastav Avar

3.   Nitzanim Nir'u Ba'aretz

4.   El Ginat Egoz

5.   Besora Tova Heveti

6.   Simcha Raba

7.   Be'egozim Nis'haka

8.   Ha Lachma

9.   Ma Nishtana

10. Avadim Hayinu

11. Moshe Bateiva

12. Batzeit Yisrael

13. Vehi She'amda

14. Yesh Lanu Av Zaken

15. Karav Yom

16. Kama Ma'alot (Dayenu)

17. Had Gadya

18. Echad Mi Yode'a

19. Had Gadya