Pillar of Fire. A Television History of Israel's Rebirth. 3 DVD set

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The incredible story of Israel's rebirth - this landmark series is the masterpiece of Israeli documentaries and the crowning achievement of Israeli television.

This seven part documentary series portrays:

- The Jewish people's return to the promised land.

- The Jewish-Arab struggle for Palestine.

- Persecution of Jews in Europe.

- The war of independence.

- The creation of the state of Israel.

Pillar of Fire relates the drama of the Jewish people's return to Zion and the establishment of the state of Israel. It is an extensive documentary production that feature rare documentary footage collected from more than 30 archives and private collections throughout the world, as well as many eye-witness interviews. 

This documentary series also portrays the Jewish-Arab struggle for Palestine, persecution of Jews in Europe, the war of 1948 and David Ben-Gurion's declaration of independence. 

For the first time, this abridged English version is being offered on DVD 

Running Time: 7 Hours

"Pillar of Fire is an important event. So far, television documentary at it's best."

Antony Lerman, The Jewish Chronicle (1986) 

"One of the most exciting documentaries created in recent years is Yiga Lossin's Pillar of Fire. It is an excellent production, combining historical material and present day interviews."

Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem (1986) 

"This series seems to me TV history as it ought to be. This is pretty, sober and judicious presentation of a complex and contentious story."

Paul Johnson, The London Times Educational Supplement (1986) 

"Pillar of Fire, which we proudly presented on Channel Four, was one of the greatest achievements in world broadcasting of the last decade."

Jeremy Isaacs, Chief Executive of Britain's Channel Four Television (1986)

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