Rage and Glory (Za'am V'Tehilah). DVD.(1984) Format: PAL

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Israel (1984)

Length: 98 Min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Avi Nesher

Starring: Hana Azoulay-Hasfari, Juliano Mer, Ronnie Pinkovitz, Tuvia Gelber

Language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Sound: 5.1

Eddie was a sworn anarchist and Stern Gang (Lechi) fighter.  He was sent to Jerusalem to plan and execute an operation to assassinate a ranking British officer.  Joining the Jerusalem Lechi cell causes instant tensions when Dafna takes a romantic interest in him.

When the assassination attempt goes wrong and a cell member is captured and hanged, suspicions run high about a traitor within the cell.  All the fears and tensions in the lives of these desperate people come to a head in a breathtaking and harrowing climax.

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