Rita. One (2006). DVD. Format PAL Only

Rita. One (2006). DVD. Format PAL Only


Brand: Helicon

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Rita's "One" is really a bravura performance in the giant Las Vegas and Broadway styles, joined by dozens of dancers and stunt men. Considered the most grandiose performance in Israel's history, Rita performed her greatest hits, including "Atuf Barachamim", "Tango", "Erev Kahol Amok", "Tzipor Zara", Bo", "Yamei Ha-Tom", "Toftach Halon". Throughout the performance there were new arrangements and adaptations of the songs by the Israeli best artists.

Rita herself is known as a huge performer, and she brought the "One" fantasy to life with her own giant dramatic talented presence. The disc documents the performances in Tel Aviv. The disc contains 16 chapters, including a bonus remix.

Number of DVD(s) in package: 1

1. Atuf Barachamim

2. Avad Shel Ha-Zman

3. Tango - Erev Kahol Amok, Carmen, Mahol Meturaf

4. Nessun Dorma

5. Tzipor Zara

6. Hazion Mekomi

7. Bo

8. Mavhel

9. Ha-Nesicha Ve-Ha-Ruach

10. Yamei Ha-Tom

11. Hanale Hitbalbela

12. Shvil Ha-Bricha

13. Tiftach Halon


"Rega Prati" Video - Excerpt from the performance

Video Clip - Making Of

Sound: DTS 5.1 / Dolby Surround 5.1 / Stereo 2.0