Rock N'Roll Business. Mashina. 2 CD Set (2010)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Mashina is one of the most successful and influential rock bands in Israel's history. Over their decade-long "first run" career from 1985-1994 they pushed the envelope of Israeli music to include the sounds of punk, grunge, and ska, and much more besides. In 2003, they launched the most successful and anticipated reunion and comeback in Israeli history, taking the charts and awards by storm. Their 2005 tour was one of the most successful ever. "Ladies and Gentlemen", their 1989 compilation (with some new material too), went gold within months of its release.

This superb collection has been released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their first album. It contains all their hits and their best songs, including the great new single "Hinei Anachnu" (Here We Are). Indeed they are!

CD 1:

1.  Optikai Meduplam

2. Rakevet Laila LeKair

3. Shlach Li Malach

4. At Lo Kmo Kulam

5. Mashehu Katan Ve Tov

6. Anachnu Shnayim

7. Romantika Atidanit

8. Sheleg Tzel

9. At Baa Levaker

10. Dani

11. Atid Matok

12. Ana

13. Yahalomim Beshamayim

14. Bnot Hayam

15. Az Lama Li Politika Achshav

16. Hakol Od Efshari

17. Roni BeParis

18. Yeldati

19. Nagah Bashamayim

20. Sar Hina

CD 2:

1. Hinei Anachnu

2. Lehitraot Ne'urim Shalom Ahava

3. Ein Makom Aher

4. Ha'amuta Keheker Hatmuta

5. Pahei Show

6. Hakohavim Dolkim Al Esh Ktana

7. Geveret Sara Hashchena

8. Landesman & Polyanski

9. Barechovot Shelanu

10. Hee Hitvakcha Ito Shaot

11. Rikud Hamechona

12. Ohev Otach Michelle

13. Ahuvati

14. Medabrim Elaich

15. Ahakeh Lach Besadot

16. Baderech El Hayam

17. Balada Lesohen Kaful

18. Ben HaMelech

19. Hatshuva

20. Tachzor Tachzor

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