Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace - Eclectic Star of David

Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace - Eclectic Star of David


Brand: Michal Kirat

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925 Sterling Silver, Roman Glass

Size of Pendant: 3cm X 4.5cm / 1.2" X 1.8"

Length of Chain: 16.5" / 42 cm

Here's a Star of David necklace like you've never seen before!  The star itself is highly stylized, with a straight-sided bottom triangle and a wavy eclectic top one.  Inside is a triangular piece of iridescent genuine ancient Roman glass in its own silver frame.  It comes with a lovely sterling silver chain.

Roman Glass comes in hues of blue and green.

Note: To preserve patina do not allow glass to come in contact with water.

Roman Glass Jewelry brings you to the magic and mystery of this historic period. Combined with sterling silver, this unique piece of jewelry is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass, discovered in archaeological excavation sites in the Holy Land.

These sites date back to the period of the Romans almost 2000 years ago. Glass, once a rarity, found only in the homes of royalty and the wealthy became a common household object used for everyday items such as plates, bowls and jars.

Israel is one of the few locations in the world in which a series of geological and climatic phenomena coincide enabling the formation and preservation of the strikingly colorful glass. Almost two thousand years of conflict with mineral rich soil and oxidation combine to form this precious glass.

Formations of layers resemble Opal and are called Patina, giving the exquisite surface coloring, which varies depending on the minerals to which the glass has been exposed.

These jewelry pieces make great gifts for your friends, family and yourself.