Shlomo Artzi. The Triple Collection. 3 CD set

Shlomo Artzi. The Triple Collection. 3 CD set


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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Number of CD(s) in package: 3

CD 1:

1. Gever Holeh Le-Ibud

2. Tirkod

3. Boi Ve-Natir
4. Ha-Laila Ha-Sheini
5. Etmol Halfu Ha-Tziporim
6. Pit'om Kshe Lo Bat

7. Achrei Ha-Kol At Shir
8. Nichnast Le Chai
9. Af Paam Lo Ted'i
10. Be Matos Silon
11. U-Veyahad Nizdaken

12. Drahim

CD 2:

1.Hom Yuli August
2. Shinui Mezeg Ha-Avir

3. Laila Lo Shaket
4. Lo Ozev At Ha-Ir
5. Savta
6. Kartis Le-Luna Park
7. Nivreti Lah

8. Nirkod Nishkah
9. Agadat 21
10. Sadot Shel Irosim
11. Lev Shasur Le-Resisim
12. Roker Chai
13. Tachat Shmei Yam Ha-Tichon

CD 3:

1. Ha-Ish Ha-Hu

2. Shir Hayal Ani Shomea Shuv
3. Eretz Hadasha

4. Eved Ha-Memaher
5. Makom
6. Hardufim
7. Mi hen Ha-Milim
8. Leyad Ha-Bayit She Garti Bo
9. O She Ze Ha-Zman
10. Brit Lo Muteret
11. Ma Razinu Le-Hagid

Shlomo Artzi's career in music was launched in the late 1960's.   After finishing his time in the army as a musician, he went on to appear in the Israel Folk Festivals, winning first place three times in five years between 1970 and 1974.

Following these early achievements, Artzi's career declined, and his work was considered routine and unoriginal.  Only in 1978, with the release of his new album Gever Holech Le’ibud (A Man Losing His Way) Gever holech leibud, did his career pick up with songs that reflected a new and more personal style. Many subsequent releases followed in quick succession, and Artzi became one of the most successful Israeli performers.

He has sold more albums than any Israeli singer, and his lengthy performances, lasting easily three hours or more, are immensely popular. Artzi's music fuses rock with native Hebrew strains, and its most prominent recurring image is dance, as a symbol for life and vitality.