Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver Honey Dish - Shana Tova

Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver Honey Dish - Shana Tova


Brand: Shraga Landesman

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Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-Honey-Dish---Shana-Tova-LM-317B_large.jpg Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-Honey-Dish---Shana-Tova-LM-317G_large.jpg Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-Honey-Dish---Shana-Tova-LM-317WP_large.jpg Shraga-Landesman-Nickel-Silver-Honey-Dish---Shana-Tova-LM-317GL_large.jpg  Shraga Landesman Nickel Silver Honey Dish - Shana Tova


Nickel Silver 

Diameter: 17 cm / 6.7" 

This gorgeous honey dish will be the talk of the table on Rosh Hashanah form now on!  Made of nickel silver (a bright lustrous nickel/copper/zinc alloy popular in decorative applications), it features a large flat surface on which apple slices may be placed.  It stands on three legs. 

It is decorated with a stylish fish motif around the edge and a bird in the center next to the Hebrew words Shana Tova (happy New Year). 

The honey container itself (in your choice of colors and materials) is easily removed for cleaning. 

For decades, Shraga Landesman has been creating beautiful works of art in unique and unusual materials and styles.  His focus for the past many years has been on Jewish-themed pieces in cast or cut metal, often united with wooden elements.