Sterling Silver Spinning Ring - This Too Shall Pass

Sterling Silver Spinning Ring - This Too Shall Pass


Brand: Judean Hills Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver

Width: 1.1 cm / 0.43" 

This superbly crafted sterling silver ring will be a treasured heirloom for generations!  The central solid silver plaque spins freely around the base, allowing you and your admirers to read the entire inscription.  This is an absolutely ingenious design! 

The inscription's source is an ancient piece of folklore attributed to King Solomon and his court.  Needing a phrase that could be used to lift the most depressed of moods, as well as temper the most frivolous, they came up with Gam zeh ya'avor ("This too shall pass").  Now you can benefit from their wisdom all day every day!

The ring is suitable for men or women.