Sukkot and Simchat Torah Songs

Sukkot and Simchat Torah Songs


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This wonderful collection of all the favorite Sukkot songs performed for kids is just the perfect thing for your home or synagogue.  Here you'll find something to sing and hum while building the family Sukkah, and more to sing while dancing around the shul with the Torah!

1. Medley (Patish Masmer -- Keresh Mot -- Sukkati -- Orchim Lahag)
2. Yadai Asukot

3. Shlomit Bona Sukkat Shalom

4. Sisu Vesimchu Basimchat Hahag

5. Lelo-La

6. Hag Asif

7. Arba'a Minim

8. Basuka Shelanu

9. Shir Asif

10. Sal Male Peirot

11. Vehatifu

12. Simchat Torah

13. Sisu Vesimchu Basimchat Torah