Teapacks (Tipex). Romantic Collection (2010)

Teapacks (Tipex). Romantic Collection (2010)


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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Israel's number one party band has made a lot of waves over the years!  With their mix of humor and cheer together with an almost traditional Israeli pop sound, this is pure fun.  This collection of love songs spans their entire career, and despite the subject matter, is as fun and listenable as anything else they've done.

1. Habalada LeSophie

2. Anana

3. Hatachana Hayashana

4. Zmanim Ktanim

5. Ani Ohev Otach Mamash Mugzam

6. Gever Romanti

7. Yesh Li Havera

8. Mami

9. Kol Yom Ani Kimat

10. Kmo Lifnei Esrim Shana

11 Klavim Lo Novchim Beyarok

12. Kmo Sfina Al Mayim

13. Vehapa'am Shir Ahava

14. Ve'at Ve'at Ve'at

15. Bayom Sheyiplu Hakochavim

16. Kluv Shel Zahav

17. Veulai Naase Ahava

18. Al Tishkachi Lizkor Oti