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The Best of Klezmer. Hanan Bar-Sela. 3 CD Set

The Best of Klezmer. Hanan Bar-Sela. 3 CD Set

Availability: In stock

$40.00 $27.95


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

Availability: In stock

$40.00 $27.95


Number of CD(s) in package: 3

Hanan Bar-Sela is one of the most beloved artists working today in the fields of Klezmer and traditional Jewish soul music.  A virtuoso clarinet and saxophone player, his amazing skills and passion have been heard every year at Safed's Annual Klezmer Festival, for which he has acted as General Manager since 1966.

On this marvellous collection, he has gathered three discs worth of the very best that the Klezmer world has to offer, including numerous classic Chassidic and Sabbath melodies.  This is wonderful either as an introduction to this world of music, or as a perfect collection for the seasoned veteran.

CD 1:

1.   Fiddler on the Roof Medley

2.   Imma Medley

3.   Niggun Meron

4.   Romanian Klezmer

5.   Freilech

6.   Haderech Aruka

7.   Klezmer Bocheh Tzochek

8.   Tzoani Medley - Otchi Tchornaya

9.   Russian Medley

10. Niggun Simcha

11. Meron Melody Medley

12. Niggun Hahalaka

13. Hap Cossack

14. Haniggun Ben Arba Babot

15. Od Yishama Chassidic Medley

CD 2:

1.   Niggun Sameach

2.   Niggun Leshabbat Veyom Tov

3.   Chabad Paratzta Niggun Medley

4.   Chassidic Zachinu Medley

5.   Chassidic Nizkeh Medley

6.   Chassidic Samcheinu Medley

7.   Niggun Machol

8.   Eli Ata

9.   Niggun Simchat Beit Hashoeva A

10. Niggun Simcha

11. Niggun Simchat Beit Hashoeva B

12. Niggun Freilech

13. Niggun Rikud

CD 3:

1.   Chabad Didan Niggun Medley

2.   Yedid Nefesh

3.   Hu Elokeinu

4.   Mizmor Ledavid

5.   Niggun Hitva'adut

6.   Chabad Tzama Niggun Medley

7.   Niggun Leshabbat Veyom Tov B

8.   Niggun From Rostov

9.   Yamin Hashem

10. Al Daaga Havreiha Neizshiritch Haloaptchi

11. Ya Ribon

12. Eshet Chayil

13. Me'ein Olam Haba

14. Lecha Dodi

15. Perok Yat Anach

16. Niggunim Medley

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