The Generations Haggadah with Timeline

The Generations Haggadah with Timeline


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From Slavery to Freedom — From Exile to Independence

The Passover holiday (with its Haggadah) symbolizes, more than any other Jewish holiday, the Jewish People's thousands of years of longing for security, independence, and freedom.  In a sad and paradoxical way, Passover also symbolizes, more than any holiday, centuries of persecution in the Diaspora, blood libels, and continuous discrimination against the Jews.

Before you is a very special Haggadah, in which the traditional text is accompanied by a fascinating time line spanning nearly 3300 years.  This Haggadah literally unfolds the story of the Jewish People, presenting the cultural events in Jewish history, from the Exodus, through periods of flowering and destruction in the Land of Israel and beyond its borders, and up until the realization of the vision of the reestablishment of the state.

The Haggadah includes dozens of works of art and folklore alongside historical documents.  It has been tastefully designed, printed on fine stiff paper, and hand-bound into a deluxe hardcover accordion book.

Dimensions: 4.9" X 11.6" / 12.5 X 29.5 cm

Hardcover, 94 pages