The Koren Tanakh with English Translation (Personal)

The Koren Tanakh with English Translation (Personal)


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The Classic Koren Hebrew/English Tanakh

Hebrew / English

This edition of the Koren Bible features an English translation that is a pleasure to read without sacrificing accuracy based on a profound connection with the original Hebrew and with authentic Jewish sources. The typeset of the Hebrew and the English are both clear, legible, and beautiful.

By replacing names and titles based on Greek and Latin in favor of clear Hebrew transliteration, the editors and publishers of this Hebrew-English edition signify their desire to return to a more authentic reading of the Jewish Scriptures.

At the back of the volume are 31 pages of beautiful and useful full color maps and diagrams corresponding to specific passages and narratives in the Bible itself. They add an immeasurable degree of clarity, context, and understanding to the Scriptures.

A beautiful ribbon bookmark is affixed to the inner spine.

Hardcover, 2611 pages

Size: 5.3" X 7.7" / 13.5 X 19.5 cm