The Ten Commandments. A History Channel Film. DVD

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Run Time: approx. 120 min.

Language: English

Say the words "The Ten Commandments" and as many people think of Charlton Heston's classic Hollywood movie as of the original Biblical text given to Moses on Mount Sinai. But what is the real story behind history's most famous written document?

Legal, religious(not only Jewish) and historical scholars, including world famous author Alan Dershowitz, reveal how the issues raised by the Ten Commandments have been viewed - and punished - throughout history.  This film also examined the other 603 commandments that Moses prescribed: laws that took a backseat to the more famous first ten.

From ancient times, via Medieval and Puritan days, though to our own modern age, this film explores how some definitions, laws and morality itself have changed while some remained the same — still defined by history's first and most formidable "Top Ten" list.

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