Wissotzky Cinnamon Magic Tea Bags

Wissotzky Cinnamon Magic Tea Bags


Brand: Wissotzky Tea

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Kosher for Passover

Kosher Parve. Badatz Mehadrin.


20 enveloped tea bags Net Wt. 2.11 oz. / 60 gr.

A blend of cinnamon, coconut, chicory, orange peel, rose bulbs, hibiscus, carob, nutmeg and clove. Cinnamon is known to invigorate and activate the digestive system and the etheric oil contained in cinnamon is believed to calm the digestive system and relieve feelings of sickness.

Infusions do not contain tealeaves and therefore are caffeine-free. Infusions can be consumed cold. Their colorfulness and refreshing tastes are suitable for the summer season.

Magic Garden, the Wissotzky range of herbal tea bags provides the ideal answer to the public demand for caffeine-free beverages. The range offers blended infusions based on natural flowers, leaves, fruits, and spices valued for their health benefits. These herbal teas are caffeine-free and distinguished by exceptionally aromatic natural flavors. Packed in aluminum protective airtight bags.