Essence of Jerusalem Perfume for Women 10 ml

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Smell of royalty with this unique Essence of Jerusalem perfume for women:

  • Filled with 90 indigenous plants from the Land of Israel, specifically Jerusalem and the Judean desert.
  • Connect to a historical time of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba, when the perfume industry was bustling. 
  • Pamper someone special in your life that loves natural smells and the Land of Israel!

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Eau De Perfume Spray 10 ml. (0.34 fl.oz.)

A natural fragrance made out of over 90 different indigenous plants of the Holy Land.

Essence Of Jerusalem is made from 90 different aromatic plants growing in and around Holy City Jerusalem and the Judean Desert. The fragrance of this exclusive balsam inspired perfume represents a subtle blend of the oriental and the classic, encapsulating the very essence of an ancient aroma and the scent of Jerusalem. It is unlike anything you have ever used. It has a spicy aroma along with the delicacy of flowers, herbs, and ancient oils.

The perfume industry in the Holy Land had its genesis some 3,000 years ago when the Queen of Sheba sailed up the Red Sea to pay her historic visit to King Solomon, One of her gifts was the prized balsam plant, which Solomon cultivated by the shores of the Dead Sea. Although, Jerusalem at that time became a center for extracting sweet essences from the balsam plant, the turbulent events that overtook the city over the course of the ensuing centuries effectively ended Jerusalem's perfume making industry.

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