Yair Emanuel Wooden Netilat Yadayim - 7 Species Medium

Yair Emanuel Wooden Netilat Yadayim - 7 Species Medium


Brand: Yair Emanuel

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We are proud to present an exciting line of Artistic Judaica by Yair Emanuel. 

This absolutely gorgeous hand washing cup will brighten any Jewish kitchen!  The design features the "Seven Species of Israel" - wheat, barley, pomegranates, dates, figs, olives, and grapes.  The design was hand-painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered.  Vivid and harmonious colors characterize the hand-painted wood.

As this piece is covered with three layers of lacquer, it is totally functional and waterproof and may be hand-washed.

Height: 3.9" / 10 cm

Width: 5.4" / 14cm 

Artist Yair Emanuel, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, lives and works in Jerusalem.  Vivid and harmonious colors as well as a mixture of the old and the new characterize Emanuel's work, which is designed and crafted in his Jerusalem studio.  The principal techniques utilized encompass painting on silk, hand-embroidery, raw-silk appliqué and painting on wood.