Yehoram Gaon. The Best Of. 2 CD set

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 Yehoram Gaon. The Best Of. 2 CD set
 Yehoram Gaon. The Best Of. 2 CD set

Number of CD(s) in package: 2 

CD 1:

1. Laila Shel Prichot

2. Ima Ima

3. Esh Li Halom

4. Etz HaAlon

5. Balada LeHovesh

6. Eifo At Ahuva

7. Keren Sahar

8. Gesher Alnavi

9. Eifo Hen HaBahurot HaHen

10. HaAyera Shel Tuviah

11. Heineni Kan

12. Ani Ose Li Manginot

13. HaSar Moshe Montifiori

14. Meal Pisgat Har HaTzofim

15. Al Teshate BeAhava

16. Ani Zocher

17. Agen HaYam HaTichon

18. Kumi Zi

19. Magash HaKesef

20. Roza

21. Esh Makom

CD 2:

1. Kol HaKavod

2. HaMilchama HaAchrona

3. Balada Al Meayan VeYam

4. Anachnu Lo Nafsik LaShir

5. Beit Avi

6. Golani Sheli

7. Nigun Atik

8. HaShir Elaich

9. Nagen Ogev

10. Shnei Shoshanim

11. Eretz Tzvi

12. Balyati Sham Yafati

13. Od Lo Ahavti Dai

14. Shalom Lach Eretz Nehederet

15. MiKol Prachei Mor BaGan

16. HaReut

17. At Bat Shesh Esre

18. Simanei Derech

19. Laila Tov LeAhava

20. Be-Pardes Leyad Ha-Shoket

21. Elef Neshikot

Yehoram Gaon. Voice of the state. 

42 of Yehoram Gaon's most memorable songs, from all of his career. This collection includes  Meal Pisgat Har Hatsofim, Dai, Ha-hovesh, Roza, Bapardes Leyad Hashoket, Hineni Kan, Golani Sheli, Elef Neshikot and many others.

The son of Sephardic immigrants, Yehoram Gaon grew up in Jerusalem and aspired to be an actor. During his army service he performed in the Nahal entertainment troupe, but he did not formally begin his singing career until his release from the army. He performed with several singing groups, and achieved his first major professional appearance with his leading role in the musical Kazablan. Since then, Gaon's career as a singer, actor, and director has flowered. He has produced almost fifty albums, including of Ladino music, has performed extensively in Israel and abroad, and has starred in television and movie productions. Among these is Operation Thunderbolt, the movie made about the 1976 rescue at Entebbe which starred Gaon as Yoni Netanyahu. He has recently compered the Israel Broadcasting Authority documentary series for the Jubilee Year, entitled, T kuma .

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