Yossi Banai. A Collection of Songs (1990)

Yossi Banai. A Collection of Songs (1990)


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When Yossi Banai passed away in 2006 at the age of 74, Israel lost one of her most beloved singers, actors, and writers.  The senior member of an extraordiarily talented family, Yossi's mark on Israeli culture is immeasurable.

As a singer, he was famous for his personal presentation, smoky voice and penchant for performing French chansons, usually translated into Hebrew especially for him by none other than Namoi Shemer.

This wonderful collection presents 18 of his most famous and timeless songs.  It is a pure joy.

1.   Merov Ahava

2.   Ani Shar Leha'avir Et Hazman

3.   Erev Ironi

4.   Ahava Bat 20

5.   Ani Simon Umoiz Hakatan

6.   Aval At

7.   Lo Evakesh Et Yadech

8.   Sefirat Mlai

9.   Et Halaila Shelach Margi'im

10. Hamatilda Sheli

11. Habonbonim

12. Yaldut Aheret

13. Hagbira Bahom

14. Haish Mehagaz

15. Azura

16. Shikor Velo Meyayin

17. Partzuf Shel Tzuani

18. Eifo Ai Ve'eifo Hem?