Thick 14K Yellow Gold Merkaba Pendant

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Brand: R Kabbalah

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Thick 14K Yellow Gold Merkaba Pendant
Thick 14K Yellow Gold Merkaba Pendant Thick 14K Yellow Gold Merkaba Pendant Thick 14K Yellow Gold Merkaba Pendant

14K Yellow Gold

Size of pendant: 10.5mm x 10.5mm / 0.4" x 0.4"

Weight: 2.4 gr

This unusual necklace is a merkaba (Hebrew for chariot), a Kabbalistic shape believed to possess unique spiritual powers. The classic Star of David is formed from interlocking opposing triangles; the merkaba consists of interlocking tetrahedrons (triangle-based pyramids), creating a unique three-dimensional rendition of a Star of David.

Kabbalists believe that this shape holds rotating fields of light and energy which together can connect the physical and spiritual, helping the wearer connect to their true selves on a deeper level and realize their full potential. This gorgeous thick gold necklace will make a sensational gift to someone who really connects with spirituality and mysticism.

This pendant can include a gold chain in your choice of length for an additional cost.

Raphael hand crafts beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by the Kabbalah and deeply rooted in Jewish spirituality, texts and traditions. Each piece is intended as a personal protective amulet, designed to keep the wearer safe. Painstakingly created from precious metals and set with stones chosen for their energetic properties, Raphael pieces make exceptional gifts to those you love most.

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