72 Holy Names: Sterling Silver Mezuzah Pendant

72 Holy Names: Sterling Silver Mezuzah Pendant


Brand: Studio Golan

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925 Sterling Silver

Size: 0.3" X 1.4" / 0.8 cm X 3.6 cm

The mezuzah, used for millennia on the doorposts of Jewish homes, has in recent years become a popular template for decorative pendants. This unique pendant features a miniature mezuzah inscribed with all 72 holy names of God.

The concept is based on the Hebrew text of Exodus 14:19-21.  The set of verses is the basis for an ancient Kabbalistic formula, whereby it rearranges into 72 three-letter words, each representing one of Hashem's holy names.

Each name is intended to give a different variety of protection or success to the wearer.  For example, Heh - Heh - Ayin is said to be a segula (charm) for true love, Mem - Heh - Shin is said to offer the wearer healing and protection against disease, and Aleph - Lamed - Dalet is said to offer the wearer protection against the evil eye.

This wonderful piece can be opened to hold a small keepsake of your choosing.

This pendant is suitable for a man or woman.

An exclusive silver chain (as shown in picture) or black silicone cord can be added to this pendant for an additional cost.