925 Sterling Silver, Leather & 9K Gold Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Stone Bracelet

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Brand: Mystic Art Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver, Leather & 9K Gold Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Stone Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver, Leather & 9K Gold Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Stone Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver, Leather, 9K Gold, Hoshen Stones

Comes in a range of sizes

Display your Jewish faith in elegant style with this gorgeous bracelet. A central plate of stunning sterling silver is adorned with the twelve Hoshen stones; each one encircled in 9K gold, and set in place on a black leather strap. The Hoshen was the breastplate worn by the High Priest as detailed in Torah and each of its twelve gemstones represents a Tribe of Israel. The twelve stones depicted on this beautiful bracelet, and their corresponding tribes are:

Ruby – representing the Tribe of Reuven – a symbol of love and marriage.

Topaz – representing the Tribe of Shimon – a symbol of joy and abundance.

Emerald – representing the Tribe of Levi – a symbol of generosity, modesty and kindness.

Garnet – representing the Tribe of Yehuda – a symbol of motivation, courage and energy.

Sapphire – representing the Tribe of Yissachar – a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Diamond – representing the Tribe of Zevulun – a symbol of strength and self-confidence.

Citrine – representing the Tribe of Dan – a symbol of creativity and self-fulfilment

Agate – representing the Tribe of Naftali – a symbol of power and energy.

Amethyst – representing the Tribe of Gad – a symbol of inner-peace.

Chrysolite – representing the Tribe of Asher – a symbol of calm and understanding.

Onyx – representing the Tribe of Yosef – a symbol of self-control.

Jasper – representing the Tribe of Binyamin – a symbol of persistence and perseverance.

Both rich in meaning and stylish, this bracelet would make a great gift for someone you cherish. 

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