925 Sterling Silver "Shalom Bayit" (Unity of the Home) Pendant

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Brand: Lev Gal Wertman

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925 Sterling Silver "Shalom Bayit" (Unity of the Home) Pendant
925 Sterling Silver "Shalom Bayit" (Unity of the Home) Pendant

925 Sterling Silver, Amethyst Stone

Size: 2cm x 3cm / 0.8" x 1.2"

A sterling silver chain in your choice of length is available for an additional fee

Combine your love for your spouse and family with elegant style with this beautiful and unique 925 sterling silver pendant . Representing the unity, peace and wholeness of the family, this pendant is truly one of a kind and its design allows you to see a multitude of images depending on your perspective. Maybe you see a couple respectfully leaning toward one another? Perhaps you see a pregnant woman? Maybe you see a couple sharing a kiss?  Whichever dynamic you see, you cannot help but notice the Hebrew letter 'shin' from which the characters in this story are formed. The letter Shin symbolizes God's name and alludes to when there is peace, harmony and unity in the home, the presence of God can be found there and radiate its light. The pendant is crowned with a fabulous red amethyst stone. A spectacular combination of faith and elegant design, this pendant would make a majestic gift for someone you cherish.

Originally from New Jersey, American-Israeli jewelry designer Sarah Feld moved to Israel in 1981 and lives in the magical hills of Judea, the spiritual heart of the Land of Israel. Sarah's enchanting and unique pieces express faith in and love of God, the Land of Israel and the Jewish People.

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