Nickel-Plated Travel Size Shabbat Candlesticks

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Nickel-Plated Travel Size Shabbat Candlesticks
Nickel-Plated Travel Size Shabbat Candlesticks


Size: 9 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm / 3.55" x 1.97" x 1.58"

Suitable For Tealights

Spread the light of Shabbat no matter where you are with this lovely pair of Shabbat candlesticks from the Land of Israel. Nickel-plated, these small candlesticks come in a charming travel case that is decorated with a delightful design and studded with light blue stones. The inside of the case's cover is inscribed with the Hebrew text of the traditional blessing said over Shabbat candles, "Baruch Atah Hashem Elokeinu Melech HaOlam Asher Kidshanu BeMitzvotav Vetzivanu LeHadlik Ner Shel Shabbat" ("Blessed Are You God, Our Lord, King of the Universe, Who Sanctified Us With His Commandments and Commanded Us To Light The Shabbat Candle"). Whether you are travelling for business or on a backpacking trip, the easy-to-carry design and quality craftsmanship make this pair of Shabbat candlesticks the perfect item to carry with you when you're on the go.

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