Sterling Silver Filigree Ring with Eilat Stone Square

Sterling Silver Filigree Ring with Eilat Stone Square


Brand: Rafael Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver, Eilat Stone 

Height of Ring: 13mm / 0.51"

This exquisite ring is delicate, beautiful and extraordinary, and will make a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. A gleaming square of colorful Eilat stone is framed in silver, and sits on a wide silver band filled with a gorgeous filigree design. It will make a spectacular gift to someone you love!

This ring is available in a range of sizes.

With a career spanning five decades, Rafael is one of Israel’s most celebrated artisan jewelry designers. Descended from personal jewelers to Yemen’s royal family, his work combines contemporary styling and modern design with the ancient art of filigree to create beautiful, timeless masterpieces. Inlaid with delicate Roman Glass, shimmering Eilat stone and other precious stones, each piece boasts a unique finish.