Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Stemmed Kiddush Cup - Pomegranates

Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Stemmed Kiddush Cup - Pomegranates


Brand: Yair Emanuel

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Stainless Steel, Copper

Size: 18.5cm x 13cm/7.5" x 5.5"

This gorgeous cup is a fantastic way to make your Shabbat celebrations even more beautiful! The gleaming, hammered steel is held on a slender branch-like stem, from which golden pomegranates and leaves sprout out to the sides. A matching branch lies across the plate. This is a truly unique, special piece that you'll use again and again! 

Please note: this Kiddush cup includes the matching plate shown in the picture.

Israel's most popular artist Yair Emanuel studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and now lives and works in Jerusalem. He creates stunning Judaica and art from a range of media, ranging from hand-painted silk and hand-sewn embroidery to brightly painted wood and muted metals. Emanuel's work is characterized by the unique combination of traditional Jewish motifs and modern design and technique. His pieces are vibrantly colored and vividly bright, and are sure to add sparkle and style to any room!