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Designer Passover Table Essentials Set in Blue
Special Price $139.00 Regular Price $157.00
Passover Seder Essentials Set
Special Price $135.00 Regular Price $150.00
Passover Seder Set from Yair Emanuel
Special Price $97.00 Regular Price $120.00
21 Items
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One of the highlights of the Passover Seder meal is the search for Afikomen, a piece of Matzah that has been hidden and must be found in order to finish the meal. In many households, the children search for the Afikomen and hold onto it until they are offered a gift in exchange for this prized piece of Matzah. In order to keep the Afikomen safe while it is hidden as well as to help keep your home crumb-free, it is common to hide the Afikomen in an Afikomen bag. Here at Judaica WebStore, we have a wide variety of stylish designer Afikomen bags for you to choose from!!!

Our Afikomen bag collection includes lovely Afikomen bags from top Israeli designers such as Yair Emanuel, Jordana Klein and Dorit Judaica. Made from high-quality materials, our collection includes Afikomen bags that are adorned with artistic representations of the Holy City of Jerusalem, Afikomen bags that are decorated with colorful Jewish symbols (including Matzah, pomegranate and grapes), Afikomen bags that boast fun and modern designs as well as Afikomen bags that feature classy and refined motifs. In addition, many of our Afikomen bags come with a matching Matzah cover so that the decor of your Seder meal will look extra special.

With our collection of Afikomen bags including all shapes and sizes (including satin Afikomen pouches), we are sure to have the perfect Afikomen bag for you to enjoy using at your Seder meal every Passover for years to come.

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