100 First Songs. 2 CD Set


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100 First Songs. 2 CD Set
100 First Songs. 2 CD Set

Number of CD(s) in package: 2 

One hundred of Israel's favourite children's songs have finally been gathered onto one collection for you.  These are the indespensible classics that generations of Israeli kids have grown up with, wonderfully arranged and performed by some of Israel's top children's entertainers.  Even if you don't speak Hebrew, the catchy tunes and fun performances will keep you and your kids entertained, as well as being a great introduction to lots of simple Hebrew phrases. 

Yonatan Ha-Katan, Uga Uga, Ha-Shafan Ha-Katan, Nadneda, Ha-Yom Yom Huledet, Ima Yakara, Shir Gesher, Ba-Medinat Ha-Gamadim, Ani Omedet Be-Maagal, Pilpelon, Kvar Sidarnu Ha-Rakevet, Rakefet, Le-Dod Moshe, Aba Sheli, Ba-Gina, Ha-Oto Shelanu, Hatul Ganav, Bo Elai, Gan Shelanu, Me-Ahorei Ha-Har, Simi Yadech, Ha-Kova Sheli.

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