The Floersheim Haggadah - Europe 16th Century (Hardcover with Slipcase)

The Floersheim Haggadah - Europe 16th Century (Hardcover with Slipcase)


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Language: Hebrew

Numbered limited edition.

This is the most beautiful and unique Haggada we have ever offered, or even seen.  This amazing keepsake edition is as much of a transcendent historical document as it is an actual Passover Haggadah.

This is a facsimile edition of a classic Ashkenazi Haggadah, written in the year 1502, formerly from the collection of David Solomon Sassoon.  It is a fertile source of information about how German Jews lived at the time it was written.  Each page is illuminated with colorful 16th-century illustrations, each one relating to a topic on that page.

The facsimile reproduction has been bound into a deluxe hardcover book.  It is accompanied by an excellent booklet giving detailed explanations of the historical background of the original, as well as descriptions and details on all the illustrations.  The booklet is in English and Hebrew.  Both the Haggadah and the accompanying booklet are packed in a deluxe padded hardcover slipcase.

Hardcover, 36 pages. (Plus softcover explanatory booklet, 28 pages, Hebrew and English.)