A Rare Gift

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Brand: The Israel Museum

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 A Rare Gift
 A Rare Gift

Noel and Herriette Levine were among the few early collectors to recognize the latent promise of photography as a major art form, and thus embarked on the process of creating what would eventually become one of the world's most significant collections. As true collectors, they possess and share a love for the photographic object and the passion to acquire it. The collection is essentially linear, eclectic yet focused, and compact, with the work selected on the basis of quality and uniqueness, filtered and refined through the couple's imaginative vision, preferences, and taste; a rare example of shared connoisseurship. The spectacular result is assembled in its entirety for the first time in this volume. It will continue to live as an entity in the rich context of the Israel Museum, forever perpetuating Noel and Herriette Levine's legacy: an informed and sophisticated selection of photographs that induce both insight and emotion.

2010* English* 151 pages* 195 four color illustrations* softcover* 24x30 *

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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