Chava Alberstein. Live. 2 CD Set (2008)

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 Chava Alberstein. Live. 2 CD Set (2008)
 Chava Alberstein. Live. 2 CD Set (2008)

Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Despite having entertained Israelis and the world for decades, it had been about seven years since Chava Alberstein's last concert tour when she decided to kick off a 10-date "mini-tour" in Jaffa in 2007.  Not surprisingly, it ended up lasting over a year, with dozens of concerts attended by over 100 thousand people!

This is a recording of the concert in Jaffa that started it all.  Enjoy!

1. Al Telchi Basadot

2. Sulam

3. Hagan Habiladi

4. Perach Halilach

5. Shalosh Ahavotai

6. Ohev Oh Neehav

7. Martichim Mayim

8. Bishvilcha

9. Kimat Shnatayim

10. Klafim Al Hamirpeset

11. Ima Neenchat

12. Idisha

13. Malkahale

14. Tavas Hazahav

15. Gaaguyim

16. Adaber Itcha

17. Espresso Katzar

18. Vera Mevukarshet

19. Bikoret Darkonim

20. Foreign Letters

21. London

22. Kol Sha'a Neshicha

23. Chava Metziga Et Hanaganim

24. Kokos

25. Kefel

26. Shir Megaresh Et Hahoshech

27. Meshirei Eretz Ahavati

28. At Hirotai

29. Shir Eresh

30. Kmo Tzemach Bar

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