Daniel Salomon. Haifa '87 (2007)


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 Daniel Salomon. Haifa '87 (2007)
 Daniel Salomon. Haifa '87 (2007)


Number of CD(s) in package: 1

The multi-talented Daniel Salomon has made quite a careeer for himself.  Already a well-known producer (for the likes of Shlomo Artzi and Aviv Gefen, among others) before showing his musical skills, he also writes all his own music and lyrics.  His 2002 debut album was a smash hit, launching him into the stratoshphere of Israel's stars.

This is his third album, and it's as great as the rest.

1.   Hayitachen

2.   Itach

3.   Hakol Nirga

4.   Hey

5.   Haifa '87

6.   Mesubechet

7.   Artzon Hahom

8.   Eterz Yaffa

9.   Roshim Leznavot

10. Ahuvati

11. Halalit Ha'em

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