Danny Litani. Sikum Beinayim (Subtotal). 2 CD Set (2008)

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 Danny Litani. Sikum Beinayim (Subtotal). 2 CD Set (2008)
 Danny Litani. Sikum Beinayim (Subtotal). 2 CD Set (2008)


Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Danny Litani released his debut album, over 30 years ago after having been in the music business for over a decade, during which time he managed to write hits for many of Israel's top performers as well as make a name for himself as one of Israel's best blues and soul musicians.

Five decades of Danny Litani have left an indelible mark on Israeli music, and it's time to pause and take a look back.  This superb collection contains 38 of his best songs from all of the numerous periods he's lived through and written about.

The set comes with a lovely booklet featuring the Hebrew lyrics to all the songs.

CD 1:

1.   Yamot Mashiach

2.   Berosh Echad

3.   Tzif Tzif Me'al Haratzif

4.   Velo Haya Beineinu Ela Zohar

5.   Sipur Shel Ahava

6.   Tekufat Haheitz

7.   Lo Tov Heyot Ha'adam Levado

8.   Haita Li Bahura

9.   Shir Hayoreh

10. Lafetach Har Haga'ash

11. Tzeva Aher

12. Lo Yadati Shetelchi Mimeini

13. Meshaber Amon

14. Erev Hag

15. Ad Sof Hakayitz

16. Ma Yihyeh Besofeinu?

17. La'uf Kmo Tzipor

CD 2:

1.   Bamakom Hazeh

2.   Ophelia Hakatana

3.   Adam Zaken

4.   Diyun Dahuf

5.   Leilot Sharav

6.   Shushan Pere

7.   Amart Shetachzori

8.   Geshem Kaved Omed Lipol

9.   Nisa Baruach

10. Blues Lena'ara Me'eretz Hatzafon

11. Basimtat Hatotit

12. Good Moring Blues

13. Shalom Lach Kecholet Hamabat

14. Ashan Miktarti

15. Tof Boded

16. Banamal Amsterdam

17. Nigun Hahatuna

18. Ohev Zahav

19. Ha'ish Shebakir

20. Shir Hakav Hashachor

21. Venishan Ktzat

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