Ehud Banai. Live 2003-2005. Mamshich Linsoah

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 Ehud Banai. Live 2003-2005. Mamshich Linsoah
 Ehud Banai. Live 2003-2005. Mamshich Linsoah

Very few live albums do as much honor to the artist as this triple album.  And there may be nobody who deserves such honor as much as Ehud Banai.  For years, he's been tilling the country's soil and planting Good in every hole he finds. 


By holding on to the innate honesty and modesty that permeate his musical oeuvre, Banai has established himself not only as Israel’s most esteemed artist, but also as a giant performer, a man of the land and of the people who takes his task with all due seriousness.

An Ehud Banai performance feels like coming home.  We feel like the most Israeli thing under the sun, but unlike some other artists, he makes us feel proud of the fact.

By being particular to keep the same sound, melody, and supporting band (virtually unchanged throughout) Ehud and the band create a unique dynamic that affects the audience and the whole atmosphere.  "Mamshich Linsoa" contains not only all his greatest hits, but also all his greatest emotions. 


This was no simple task.  With great production values and careful selection of song order, Ehud and his collaborators have produced a complete final product. "Mamshich Linsoa" is anything but a mere collection of live moments.  It is simply more proof of Ehud Banai's significance to the history and the present of Israeli music. 


"Mamshich Linsoa" includes 39 songs - more than 3 hours of music from all 7 of Ehud Banai’s albums. From his debut, "Ehud Banai VeHaPlitim," released in 1987, to "Aneh Li," released in 2004, including such famous hits as "Kulam Yodim," "Ruchot Hazafon," "Hayom," "Tip Tipa," "Zmanech Avar," "Ir Miklat" and more. 

Number of CD(s) in package: 3 

CD 1: 

1. Avi Lach

2. Al Tefahed

3. Yoze LeOr

4. BaGilgul Aher

5. Klavim Meshugayim

6. Ruchot HaZafon

7. Seret Ratz

8. HaYom

9. Kulam Yodim

10. HaKohav Shel Mahoz Gush Dan

11. Nizuz HaAhava

12. Gvulot

13. HaEvroman

14. Arvev AtHatiach

15. Anne Li

CD 2: 

1. Hagas 1

2. Bo HaBayta

3. Brooklin

4. Lag BaOmer

5. Florentin

6. Tip Tipa

7. David VeShaul

8. Avoda Shchora

9. Esh

10. Zmanech Avar

11. Ir Miklat

CD 3: 

1. Kshe Hikiti Lach Al HaSafsal

2. Maase BeNeag Monit

3. Mahari Na

4. Bluz Knani

5. Knafa Matuka

6. Negiat BaZimrut HaEzim

7. Esther

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