Passover Songs in Hebrew for Children

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This is the perfect gift for any Jewish family or organization!  Seventeen of Israel's most popular and beloved songs for Passover are now all in one place! 

1. Simcha Raba

2. Ma Nishtana

3. Avadim Hayinu

4. Had Gadya

5. Arba Kosot

6. Moshe BaTeiva

7. Hach Moshe Hacha

8. Nerima Nes

9. Bezead Israel MiMitzrayim

10. Yesh Li Siman

11. Pana Hageshem

12. Naizanim

13. Besora Tova

14. Zemer LePesach

15. Teiva Ktana

16. Habitu Yeladim

17. BeEgozim Nesaheka

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