Shlomo Artzi. Sane (Shfuim) (2007)

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Five years have passed since Shlomo Artzi's last studio album, and after a huge successful tour with Shalom Chanoch, we have a new album full of songs about life, love, and small moments.  With numerous guest performers and great production, this is the Shlomo Artzi we have always loved.

1. Titaeru Lachem

2. Ha-Amiti

3. Island

4. Nizmadnu

5. Le-Azazel Eich Lo Yadati

6. Matana Le-Yom Huledet

7. Ha-Hayim

8. Ha-Bahura Sheli

9. Tochichi Li

10. Ba-Rega Ha-Aharon

11. Dmaot Shechorot

12. Hiluch Hozer

13. Shfuyim

14. Le-Olamim

15. Harchek Mi-Kan

Shlomo Artzi's career in music was launched in the late 1960's as a soloist in the navy choral troupe. He then went on to appear in the Israel Folk Festivals, winning first place three times in five years.   He has sold more albums than any Israeli singer, and his lengthy performances, lasting easily three hours or more, are immensely popular. Artzi's music fuses rock with native Hebrew strains, and its most prominent recurring image is dance, as a symbol for life and vitality.


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