Yehudit Ravitz. Ba'a Meahava (Live In Caesarea). DVD (2008). Format: PAL

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Available in PAL (Europe) system ONLY

(A multisystem DVD has the ability to play dvd movies of different video standards including PAL. Also most computer DVDs can play PAL system DVDs.)

Number of DVD in package: 1

For a quarter of a century, and with close to 20 studio albums, Yehudit Ravitz has become one of the central and most beloved figured in the Israeli rock and pop scene.  One of her classic albums, 1987's Ba'a Meahava, was rearranged for a stunning live performance in Caesarea in 2008, alongside many of her other hits from over the years.  Enjoy!

1.   Slichot

2.   Mishehu

3.   Mila Tova

4.   Eizu Min Yalda

5.   Temuna

6.   Lemahorat

7.   Derech Hameshi

8.   Beahavateinu

9.   Lakahta At Yadi Beyadecha

10. Berosh Echad

11. Ir Ketana

12. Shabatot Vehagim

13. Hayalda Hechi Yaffa Bagan

14. Ma Osot Ha'ayalot

15. Tza'ar Lach

16. Atur Metzachecha

17. Vidui

18. Tzeh Mizeh

19. Ha'ish Hahu

20. Ga'agu'a

21. Sof Lesipur

22. Bach Lo Nogea

23. Shir Lelo Shem

24. Arba Lifnot Boker

25. Achshav Hakol Beseder

26. Rahvat Harikudim

27. Ba'a Meahava

28. Eretz Tropit Yaffa/Bo Lerio

Bonus: "Ha'albumim Hagedolim: Ba'a Meahava"

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