Nickel Filigree Seder Plate

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Nickel Filigree Seder Plate
Nickel Filigree Seder Plate Nickel Filigree Seder Plate


Diameter: 40 cm / 15.38"

This Seder plate will bring glowing beauty to your Seder table! It features six named indentations for the ritual foods eaten throughout the night, and a stunning border decorated with a Yemenite-inspired filigree design. It would make a wonderful seasonal gift, or a beautiful addition to your Seder.

The Seder plate - or kearah in Hebrew, is the centerpiece of the Seder. It holds the six symbolic foods eaten and used throughout the night: Beitza, a hard-boiled egg whose shell has been singed to commemorate the destruction of the Temples; Zeroah, a roasted shank bone to remind us of the Pascal lamb offering; Maror and Hazeret, two types of bitter herb or vegetable eaten to enforce sympathy with the bitterness of the Jews' 400 year slavery; Karpas, a vegetable which is dipped in salt water to symbolize spring and regrowth; and Haroset, a thick, sweet paste made from wine, apples, dates and nuts which looks like the cement the Jews were forced to pour during their slavery.

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