Reuven Rubin - Safed in the Galilee (Limited Edition Original Serigraph)


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Reuven Rubin - Safed in the Galilee (Limited Edition Original Serigraph)
Reuven Rubin - Safed in the Galilee (Limited Edition Original Serigraph)

Limited Edition Original Serigraph

Size: 43cm x 56cm / 17" x 22"

Perched on a mountain the verdant Galilee region of Northern Israel, Safed is one of Israel's most ancient and mystical cities. Here, a glimpse of the Kineret lake (Sea of Galilee) is viewed through a valley, with the blue-hued city of Safed sprawling up the mountainside. The canvas is filled with leafy green trees surrounding a pathway; the forest is dotted with native Arabs strolling the wide path while a donkey grazes beneath the tree. Other buildings appear through the trees. Colored in warm browns and oranges with lighter green and blue highlights, this evocative piece conjures up the quiet, airy city with dazzling ease.

Reuven Rubin was born to a Hassidic family in Romania in 1983; he arrived in Israel in 1912 to study at the Bezalel Academy. Having rejected the school’s classic approach and methodology, he traveled to Paris and then America in pursuit of his studies. Upon returning to Israel, he joined the artists’ rebellion against Bezalel’s teachings and founded a modern, eclectic style known as “Eretz Yisrael”. Inspired by Europe’s modern art, Rubin’s Cezanne-esque art features sun-drenched landscapes filled with people from all walks of life. Rubin served as Israel’s ambassador to Romania from 1948 – 1950; designed backdrops for various Israeli theaters; and held solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Romania, France, England, America and Italy. His sought-after pieces are displayed in galleries and private collections across the world.

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