All the Best Israeli Children's Songs. 3 DVD Set. Format: PAL


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All the Best Israeli Children's Songs. 3 DVD Set. Format: PAL
All the Best Israeli Children's Songs. 3 DVD Set. Format: PAL

Available in PAL (Europe) system ONLY

(A multisystem DVD has the ability to play dvd movies of different video standards including PAL. Also most computer DVDs can play PAL system DVDs.)

Number of DVD(s) in package: 3

Here is the most complete, the most superb collection of Israeli children's music ever compiled! Three DVDs in a deluxe keepsake box. This is a perfect set, a must-have in any Jewish home, synagogue, or day school.

The package includes 74 songs -- the original best-known recordings by some of Israel's most beloved performers, representing six decades or more of children's music in Israel!

The artists featured on these discs include Chava Alberstein, Yehudith Ravitz, Yehoram Gaon, Matti Caspi, Naomi Shemer, Yoni Rechter, and more.

DVD 1: Animal Songs. 21 songs, including:

* Hashafan Hakatan

* Parash (Rutz Ben Susi)

* Etzeh Li El Haya'ar

* Pilpilon

* Achbar Achbar

* LeDod Moshe Hayta Hava

* Parat Moshe Rabeinu

* Preida Miteivat Noach

DVD 2: Toddler's Songs. 24 songs, including:

* Yonatan Hakatan

* Nadneda

* Shaon Ben Hail

* Imma Yekara Li

* Abba Sheli

* Hadoar Ba Hayom

* Ha'Auto Shelanu

* Red Eleinu Aviron

* Onia

* Buba Yamima

DVD 3: Playtime and Birthday Songs. 29 songs, including:

* Uga Uga

* Yesh Li Cubiot Ktanot

* Yadayim Lema'ala

* Eser Etzbaot Li Yesh

* Yesh Lanu Tayish

* Al Takeh

* Ani Omedet Bama'agal

* Simi Yadech

* Kvar Sidarnu Harakevet

* Rakevet Aruka

* Barvazim (LeSavta Shel Efrayim)

* Yesh Li Glida

* Eizeh Yom Sameach

* Hayom Yom Huledet

* Yom Huledet (Hasimcha Layeladim)

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