Eyal Golan. Nagat Li BaLev. Live in Caesaria. DVD (2012)

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Eyal Golan. Nagat Li BaLev. Live in Caesaria. DVD (2012)
Eyal Golan. Nagat Li BaLev. Live in Caesaria. DVD (2012)

Number of DVD(s) in package: 1

Eyal Golan's fans -- and fans of Mediterranean/Mizrahi music in general -- were thrilled with his last album, Nagat Li Balev. It was Eyal's 16th album, and he seems to be getting better with every release. One of Israel's hardest working artists, Eyal released an album with sixteen new songs just a year after his previous studio album.

But as all fans of Eyal Golan know, it's in his live performances that his talents shine the brightest. Here you can watch him perform the entire album (plus more!) before a live audience in Caesarea! It's a trip!

1. Nagat Li Balev

2. Lohemet

3. Eich Hu Ohev

4. Kol Kach Yafa

5. Deja Vu

6. Lean Lean Lean

7. Rak Mitga'ageah

8. Levadi

9. Neshika Ahat Mimech

10. Yafyufa

11. Matai Lahzor

12. Kima't Le'ehov

13. Savah

14. Kshe At Ito

15. Parpar

16. Mamri

17. Lamut Mikin'ah

18. Kshe aher

19. Boher Mihadash

20. Mleat Ahava

21. Sod Hamazalot, Kmo Shikor

22. Hayim Shlemim

23. Melech Malkei Hamalachim, Mi She Ma'amin

24. Boi Nivrach

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