Red Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah with Cut-Out 10 Commandments

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Help brighten the dark winter nights with this beautiful Hanukkah Menorah from Jerusalem Stone Judaica:

  • Made from red Jerusalem Stone, this work features a replica of the 10 Commandments set underneath an arched Menorah design.
  • Skillfully crafted by artisans in the Land of Israel.
  • BONUS: This Menorah comes with a Hebrew-English pamphlet of traditional Hanukkah blessings and songs for FREE!!!

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Jerusalem Stone

Size: 26cm x 15cm x 4.5cm / 10.2" x 5.9" x 2"

This beautiful Hanukkah menorah will make a striking addition to your winter celebrations. It features an angular block of stone mounted on a matching base, with a large stone rendition of the 10 Commandments cut from and framed by stone. The tablets feature the Hebrew letters aleph – yud in place of the written commandments. This Hanukkah menorah has been cut from rosy-colored Jerusalem stone hewn from the mountains surrounding the Holy City, making it a perfect gift for someone who loves Israel and Jerusalem!

Please note: Jerusalem stone is a natural material, so the colors in your item may differ slightly from those shown in the picture above. Like all natural rocks, this stone has natural veins running through it.

A free Hanukkah blessings pamphlet is included! Printed in both Hebrew and English for easy reading. Measuring 24 X 16.5 cm (9.4" X 6.5"), this beautiful laminated booklet will help everyone sing along! Includes the traditional blessings said after lighting Hanukkah candles, plus the famous tune Maoz Tzur!

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