Protective Travel Tallit & Tefillin Case - Blue

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Size: 22cm / 8.6"

Keep your tallit and tefillin safe and sound with this handy, clever, and beautiful carry case!  Just like many of Israel's religious soldiers carry, it is durable, compact, convenient, and suitable for everyday use.

It's numerous useful features:

 - Protects tefillin against shock, moisture, extreme temperature, and more

- Tallit bag detaches in seconds

- Attached tefillin mirror

- Siddur pocket will fit most pocket-sized siddurim

- Visible card for your name and contact info

- Tefilat Haderech (traveler's prayer) in Hebrew sewn on

- Utility pockets featuring comb, thermometer, and compass

- Reflective strips

- Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap

 Suitable for all types of tefillin except the extra-large Lubavich tefillin.

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