Shalva Tea Sampler Gift Box – 6 Individual Herbal Teas from the Land of Israel

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Add the delicious tastes and aromas of the Land of Israel to your kitchen cupboard with this delightful tea sampler gift box from Shalva:

  • Comes with six individual bags of flavorful loose-leaf herbal teas that are produced from natural herbs grown locally in Israel.
  • Each gift box is assembled by adults with disabilities at the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem.
  • BONUS: This set comes with a stainless steel tea strainer for FREE!!!

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Net Weight: Approx. 50g / 1.76oz.

Box contains 6 individual loose-leaf bags of different herbal teas and comes with a free stainless steel tea strainer

Kosher L'Mehadrin / Caffeine-Free / Vegan

Assembled and packed at the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem by adults with disabilities

Enjoy the natural tastes and aromas of the Land of Israel with this wonderful tea taster gift box. The box contains six individual bags of loose-leaf herbal teas, each one inspired by one of Israel's diverse geographical regions and produced with natural herbs grown locally in Israel. The pack also contains a stainless-steel tea strainer.

The teas contained in this box come in the following flavors:

"Arava Calm" – chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint, licorice, lavender

"Carmel ForesTea" – rosemary, sumac, za'atar, zootah, elderberry, raspberry leaf, calendula

"Ein Gedi Digestif" – fennel seed, dandelion, sage, carob, zootah, cactus flower

"Soothing Elah Valley" – peppermint, rose petal, licorice, sumac, zootah, rose hip

"Refreshing Galil" – lemongrass, olive leaf, lemonbalm, sage, dandelion

"Jerusalem Harmony" – lemongrass, hibiscus, spearmint, rose petal, olive leaf, cardamom, sage

Shalva Tea brings you a splendid range of herbal teas from the Land of Israel. Each boutique blend is inspired by the rich array of different plants that grow across Israel's ancient landscapes, and each flavor carries the namesake of one of Israel's diverse ecological regions. Shalva Tea is infused with the values of sustainability and social justice. The company partners with special needs organizations in the packaging of their products, promoting community and inclusion within Israeli society, and uses only herbs locally produced on Israeli farms, as well as biodegradable packaging.

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