Silver Plated Kiddush Cup. Replica. Germany 1689

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Brand: The Israel Museum

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Silver Plated Kiddush Cup. Replica. Germany 1689
Silver Plated Kiddush Cup. Replica. Germany 1689 Silver Plated Kiddush Cup. Replica. Germany 1689

Silver Plated

Height: 3.7" / 9.5 cm

Weight: 109 gr / 0.24 lbs

This beautiful Kiddush cup stands on three silver balls and is decorated with a unique pattern. 

This large Kiddush cup stands on three spherical feet, and a dedicatory inscription is engraved near its rim. Similar cups, covered with a lid, were common in Germany in the 17th and 18th centuries, and this particular example probably also originally had a lid. According to the inscription, it was donated in the Hebrew year corresponding to 1750/51 to Rabbi Bezalel Segal in recognition of his sermon at the synagogue of Bumsla in northern Bohemia.

In the 16th-18th centuries, the city of Augsburg in southern Germany was one of the major European centers for the production and export of silver objects. Although the conflict between Protestants and Catholics was at its height, Augsburg was known for its tolerant climate, drawing craftsmen from all over the continent who made objects for churches of either denomination. This benevolent spirit, however, did not extend to the city’s Jewish population. While Augsburg is known to have had a Jewish community as early as 1259, between the 15th and 19th centuries Jews were only sporadically allowed to live in the city. Since they were excluded from the guilds, they had to pay a fee to enter the city and commission their ceremonial objects from Christian silversmiths.

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a small description of its historical background in English and Hebrew.

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