Tuvia Handmade Leather Unisex Sandals

Tuvia Handmade Leather Unisex Sandals


Brand: Camel Sandals

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Tuvia-Handmade-Leather-Unisex-Sandals-LS-27_large.jpg Tuvia Handmade Leather Unisex Sandals


100% High Quality Genuine Leather


Available in brown or black leather.

These classic, handmade leather unisex sandals feature a comfortably smooth base and beautifully designed transversing leather straps over the middle and top of the foot for a secure yet relaxing feel. A great look for casual or formal attire.

Please note:  Each pair of sandals is custom made according to your specific order. Please allow up to 21 business days from date of purchase before the item is shipped.

Camel Sandals, made in Jerusalem, Israel, are genuine natural leather sandals exquisitely hand made in the style of sandals that have been worn in the Holy Land for 2,000 years, with the highest quality of modern craftsmanship. Available in a variety of beautiful leather designs combined with a durable rubber sole, these sandals provide a light, stylish comfort your feet will absolutely love.