All the Best Israeli Holiday and Seasonal Songs. 2 DVD Set. Format: PAL

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All the Best Israeli Holiday and Seasonal Songs. 2 DVD Set. Format: PAL
All the Best Israeli Holiday and Seasonal Songs. 2 DVD Set. Format: PAL

Available in PAL (Europe) system ONLY

(A multisystem DVD has the ability to play dvd movies of different video standards including PAL. Also most computer DVDs can play PAL system DVDs.)

Number of DVD(s) in package: 2

A 2-DVD package of holiday and seasonal songs in Hebrew. A great way to improve your children's Hebrew while listening to great kosher music. Featuring singers such as: Chava Albertstein, Naomi Shemer, Gali Atri, Yehoram Ga'on, Uzi Hitman, Chani Nahmias, Ruchama Raz, Dafna Armoni, and Shula Chen.

This is a great gift for children of all ages. It will teach them to appreciate the rich, colorful history and culture of the Jewish people.

Featuring some all-time hits like "Yamei Ha'Hanukkah" depicting the Jewish people's heroism and self-sacrifice during our war with the Assyrian Greeks, "Chag Purim," the ageless wonder that will have you singing along as soon as it comes on, as well as "Sisu et Yerushalayim," which honors Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

1st DVD:

1. Chag Li (A Holiday for Me)

2. Shneym Asar Yerechim (Twelve Moons) 

3. B'Rosh Hashanah (On Rosh Hashanah)

4. Shana Tovah

5. Matanah L'Rosh Hashanah (A Gift for Rosh Hashanah) 

6. Ha'kayitz Avar (The Summer Has Passed)

7. Tefillah Shel Stav (An Autumn Prayer)

8. Patish Masmer (Hammer, Nail)

9. Shlomit Bona Sukkat Shalom (Shlomit Builds Herself a Sukkah)

10. Sukkati Ha'sukkah (My Sukkah)

11. B'sukkah shelanu (In our Sukkah)

12. Orchim Le'chag (Guests for the Holiday)

13. Sisu Ve'simchu (Rejoice and be Happy)

14. Yamei Ha'Hanukkah (Days of Hanukkah)

15. Hannukkiah Li Yesh (I have a Hanukkiah)

16. Ner Li (A Candle for Me)

17. Sevivon Sov, Sov, Sov (Dreidel Song)

18. Le'kvod Ha'Hanukkah (In Honor of Hanukkah)

19. Kad Katan (A Small Flask)

20. Ha'yoreh Shma Na 

21. Geshem Geshem Me'hashamayim (Rain, rain from the Sky)

22. Shir Ha'geshem (The Rain Song)

23. Anan Ve'Ananat 

24. Ha'shkediah Porachat (The Almond Tree is Flowering)

25. Kach Holchim Ha'shotlim (There Go the Sapplings)

2nd DVD:

1. Chag Purim

2. Letzan Echad Nechmad (One Nice Clown)

3. Ani Purim (I'm Purim)

4. Shir Ha'masechot (The Masks' Song)

5. Ten Katef (Give me Five)

6. Sason Ve'yikar (Happiness and Joy)

7. Shoshanat Ya'akov (Jacob's 

8. Simcha Raba (Great Rejoicing)

9. Ma Nishtana? (Hanukkah Song)

10. Avadim Hayinu (We were Slaves)

11. P'ne Ha'geshem (Turn, Rain)

12. Yesh Li Siman (I Have a Sign)

13. Nitzanim Niru Ba'aretz (There Were Seeds in the Land)

14. Kol Ha'aretz D'galim (A Land Full of Flags)

15. Menorrah V'anfei Zayit (Menorah and Olive Branches)

16. Bar-Kochba 

17. Kashtenu Al Shimchenu (Our Bows on Our Backs)

18. Sisu et Yerushalayim (Rejoice in Jerusalem)

19. Saleinu Al Katfeinu (Our Baskets on Our Shoulders)

20. K'shekiblu Et Ha'Torah (When We Received the Torah)

21. Bikkurim (First Offerings)

22. Ha'hofesh Ha'gadol (The Big Vacation)

23. B'leilot Ha'kayitz Ha'chamim (Warm Summer Nights)

24. Shabbat shalom 

25. Erev Shabbat (Sabbath Eve)

26. Ha'yom Yom Shishi (Today's Friday)

27. Lama Lo Kol Yom Shabbat? (Why Isn't Every Day Shabbat?)

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