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Avihu Medina. Classica Israelit (The Best of). 2 CD Set (2012)

Avihu Medina. Classica Israelit (The Best of). 2 CD Set (2012)

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$35.00 $27.99


Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

Availability: Out of stock

$35.00 $27.99


Number of CD(s) in package: 2

Avihu Medina's aspiration when he began his unprecedented musical career over 40 years ago was to transform Mediterranean (also known as "Mizrachi" or "Oriental") music into one of Israel's most vibrant and important artforms, no longer the property of some sort of "ethnic" backwater to which it had previously been relegated. He succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination, and today, thanks in no small part to him, Mizrachi music occupies the top tiers of Israeli music.

This wonderful double CD retrospective of Avihu Medina's career (so far) includes 36 of the most popular songs he has written, performed by the very best and most beloved artists from today and from days past. Among the golden voices you will hear are Ofra Haza, Yishai Levy, Boaz Sharabi, Zohar Argov, Shimi Tavori, Chaim Moshe, Eyal Golan, and of course Avihu Medina himself.

CD 1:

1. Elecha Elohi

2. Shabehi Yerushalayim

3. Levad Yoshevet

4. Yom Shishi Higia

5. Ra'aya

6. Kinor David

7. Avi

8. Sod Hamazalot

9. Hida At Li

10. Ga'agu'im

11. Haperach Begani

12. Imma

13. Holech Adam

14. Imma (Otach Ani Ohev)

15. Habki Oti

16. Shir La'ahoti

17. Lihyot Adam

18. Laner Velaneshama

CD 2:

1. Al Tashlicheini

2. Ten Lazman Lalechet

3. Rachel

4. Shir Shel Abba

5. Bein Hatov Vehara

6. Kvar Avru Hashanim

7. Oneg Shabbat

8. Ko'ev Veshar Lach

9. Na'aleh Na'aleh

10. Ha'asir

11. Yeled Gadol

12. Ya'akov Hatamim (Al Tira)

13. Medley: Eretz Ahuva / Chag Li / Zo Haderech / Shiri Nehederet

14. Nashim Vehofshiyot

15. Shalom Tevarchenu

16. Ma Yihyeh

17. Barchenu

18. Lama El

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