Barsheshet-Ribak Menorah Silver-Plated Anointing Oil Ram’s Shofar

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  1. Barsheshet-Ribak Menorah Silver-Plated Anointing Oil Ram’s Shofar
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  1. This product (Barsheshet-Ribak Menorah Silver-Plated Anointing Oil Ram’s Shofar)
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925 Sterling Silver-Plated

Size: 30 – 35.5 cm / 12"-14"

Impress your guests with this incredible silver-plated anointing oil ram’s shofar! Incredibly unique, this masterpiece features a golden menorah on one side and a golden Star of David on its other side. With a cord attached for easy carrying and a silicone plug to keep it from spilling, this wonderful shofar will make a flawless addition to any home décor!

A family business dating back to 14th century Spain, Barsheshet-Ribak is a business that has a long and proud history of making the most exquisite and carefully-made shofars you can find. Situated in Israel, this incredible company manufactures the best kosher shofarot, under the supervision of the Department for Religious Articles and Shaatnez, each one created according to Halacha with devotion and personal care unlike any other! 

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